Sanija Kulenovic is a researcher of the intersection between art and trauma processing and between art and social processes, especially those of peace-building. The issues she deals with are identity and heritage, cultural memory and reconciliation.

In performances, the artist carries her past into the environment: with her memories, those in the consciousness and those fragmented in her body, which is not only a limbic system, but historically shaped, which is not only organic, but also an archive. She moves between the poles of the intimacy of her physical and emotional presence and the public space, searching for a connection between the individual and the social. As a result, her artistic actions are often adjusted to the place and / or the date of her performances.
Her artwork is strongly linked to her scientific research, and she uses this knowledge to address the oppressed narratives in society and make the invisible visible through her artwork. Since studies show that overcoming trauma is only possible if trauma can be expressed in a social frame, her assumption is that the healing of a society after a collective trauma is only possible if all narratives find an appropriate place in the cultural memory, and that art has a special potential to contribute to overcoming a violent past in societies in transition.

Her works have been shown inter alia at the 48h Neukoelln Kunstfestival in Berlin and at the Musrara Mix Festival in Jerusalem.

Sanija has a degree in Art History (Magistra philosophiae) from the Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck, Austria. She lives and works in Berlin.